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Anguilla Real Estate for Sale - Peninsula Point Villa - US$2,950,000
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Peninsula Point Villa occupies a half acre site on a secluded peninsula on the island of Anguilla, surrounded by coral reefs and turquoise seas. Las EsQuinas provides unrivalled, panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and the islands of St Barths, Saba and St Martin. Anguilla is a Caribbean island in the British West Indies, named after its shape, which resembles an eel.

Peninsula Point Villa hugs a quiet corner of Anguilla's coastline and will transport you to a new experience in Caribbean living. With striking, modernistic architectural design, cool yet comfortable contemporary interiors, the villa is a melange of design and decor from the four corners of the globe.

Peninsula Point Villa, completed in 2011, occupies 8,000 square feet.

The inspiration for the design of the villa came from the lexicon of Greek architecture. The imposing tower that stands guard over its entrance pays tribute to the watchtowers placed at intervals in the ancient terracotta wall that was built to protect Marrakech. The random holes found within these ancient watchtowers, (from where arrows could be fired down upon enemies), are humorously mirrored in the glass blocks that dot the facade of Peninsula Point Villa. The architecture reflects the ethos of Peninsula Point Villa - a protected sanctuary from daily life.


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