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In the spirit of this Christmas Season (and out of respect for Anguilla Life and fear of the Publisher) I'm writing this article on Boxing Day-as such, I'd like to offer what I hope is a gift: A guide on how to get to a few of Anguilla's harder to reach beaches.

I've always believed (and in the past have written about) the value of clearly marking and identifying the proper public access routes to all of our beaches, and I've suggested that all of these identified routes be punctuated with civilized parking and related facilities-but it hasn't happened yet. As such, I'll now take a few moments to point out how to get to some of our beaches which can be difficult to access without the previously suggested tell tale signs-and herein, I'll focus on the beaches of the west. Please note that the suggested routes to a number of the beaches discussed run over private land, but private land that is currently used for public purposes -where true public access is difficult, I've focused on viable hotel and restaurant beach access roads and adjacent parking areas.

Shoal Bay West: SBW is the home of Cove Castles, Blue Waters, and Altamer Resort--it's spectacular, but not easy for the public to access. The true access route to the beach runs along the western perimeter wall of the large pink home located near the middle of the beach-one can park nestled under the roadside trees. Although not the official access route, one can reach SBW more easily by heading to Trattoria Tramonto (a restaurant located a bit further east) and walk to the beach from their parking area--however, one must remember that here (as elsewhere) parking for the beach is not a public right, but is available as a private courtesy.

Barnes Bay: There are a couple of public access routes to BB, but they are difficult to locate and difficult to use-one runs near Cerulean, the other near a neighboring private home. However, the easiest way to reach BB is by taking the road to Mangos Restaurant / Caribella Resort-which is marked by their signs. During the day, one can normally park in the areas used for restaurant dining, as Mangos is only open for dinner-once again, however, this access route is not a public route by right but a private route available by convenience.

Meads Bay: MB is blessed with immediate and open public access to the beach by Malliouhana Hotel-a fairly wide clearing makes parking possible a few steps from the sea, without the concern of feeling as though you've parked in the wrong spot. In truth, a model-as it is easy to locate even without signs or symbols.

Long Bay: LB has a usable public access route to the beach that has been properly provided and once found it is easy to follow-but as the turn off from the main road isn't marked, it's difficult to locate. To access this route, one must turn off the main road by Luciano Restaurant and follow the winding road to the beach-it's a fairly short drive with some lovely views as you approach the sea. However, an easier way to get to LB is via Oliver's Restaurant--by simply following the signs to Oliver's you'll get to his place and a set of steps he's built to the beach. Although parking is a bit of a problem, and is not (once again) a public right, I've always been made to feel welcome-even if I didn't order lunch.

Rendezvous Bay: The main public access to RB is reached by following the signs to The Anguilla Great House-after turning off the main road, instead of turning west into the hotel itself, you simply carry on until the road ends and the beach begins. This beach has remained popular for Anguillian picnics, as it is a bit easier to access than most beaches and has more land available for parking.

The Cove: Is quite similar to Rendezvous Bay in that the main public access route to TC is reached by following signs to a resort-in this case Sonesta / Paradise Cove. After turning off the main road, instead of turning east toward the hotels themselves, you simply carry on until the road ends and the beach begins. Once again, this beach has remained popular for Anguillian outings, as it is a bit easier to access than most beaches and has more land available for parking.

Maundays Bay: MB has been, at one time or another, everyone's favorite beach-unfortunately the ravages our recent hurricanes have done more damage to MB that any other beach on Anguilla. The true access route to MB is toward the western edge of the beach, along the road currently marked with a sign saying "Firefly Lane"-however, this route brings you to the beach near Cap Juluca's warehouse facilities and therefore isn't very appealing. As such, the best way to reach MB is to go to Cap Juluca itself and either park in the areas marked for beach parking or head toward the parking area for Pimm's Restaurant -which is quite spacious.

Hopefully the forgoing has been helpful-of course, I'd be pleased to hear from anyone that might be willing to share alternative routes (or better routes) to these beaches than those I've identified (as always, please feel free to contact me at the numbers or addresses listed in the ProRealty advert on this page). And, oh yes, Merry Xmas to all…keeping in mind the merriest Xmas present might be to have the Departments of Planning and Lands establish viable, public routes with appropriate parking and related facilities to ensure access to all of Anguilla's beautiful beaches-our golden coast.


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